Building ethical AI systems – presented by Gradient Institute

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Thursday 3rd October 1:45pm – 3:45pm

To improve people’s wellbeing, we must improve the decisions made about them. Consequential decisions are increasingly being made by AI, like selecting who to recruit, who receives a home-loan or credit card, and how much someone pays for goods or services. AI systems have the potential to make these decisions more accurately and at a far greater scale than humans. However, if AI decision-making is improperly designed it runs the risk of doing unintentional harm, especially to already disadvantaged members of society. Only by building AI systems that accurately estimate the real impact of possible outcomes on a variety of ethically relevant measures, rather than just accuracy or profit, can we ensure this powerful technology improves the lives of everyone.

This masterclass focuses on the anatomy of these ethically-aware decision-making systems, and provides some design principles to help the data scientists, engineers and decision-makers collaborating to build them. We detail the necessary considerations and the potential pitfalls when building an ethically-aware automated solution, from initial conception through to causal analysis, deployment and on-going monitoring. The masterclass draws on the ongoing research and system development at Gradient Institute, the new not-for-profit research institute with the mission of progressing the research, design, development and adoption of ethical AI systems. The class will be suitable for anyone with a general understanding of technology. A basic understanding of machine learning will be helpful in understanding some of the content but it is not essential, and only a small number of slides will have technical content. We aim that all attendees (whether they have no machine learning expertise or advanced machine learning expertise) will gain useful guidance form the master class.

About the Gradient Institute
The Gradient Institute is an independent not-for-profit organisation founded to research the ethics of artificial intelligence(AI) and develop ethical AI-based systems that will provide better outcomes for individuals and society as a whole.

The focus for the Institute will be to create a ‘world where all systems behave ethically’. This will be done not just through research, but also through practice, policy advocacy, public awareness and training people in ethical development and use of AI.

Hosts: Lachlan McCalman, Gradient Institute
Cost: $100


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