How to navigate your organisation’s future in the digital economy

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Thursday 3rd October 8:00am – 9:30am

Strategic foresight is an emerging field of research that aims to explore multiple plausible futures and help people and organisations make better choices. Over the past decade, Data61’s Insight Team has developed a data-driven strategic foresight process that provides a structured and evidence-based view of the future. The team has advised Treasury on the future of blockchain in Australia, scoped economic opportunities for growth in QLD for the Queensland Futures Institute, and explored what the future digital economy looks like in the Asean region to name a few. In this masterclass, we’ll walk you through our strategic foresight process and the common tools we use (e.g. megatrends and scenario planning) when working with our partners, and provide examples to illustrate how you could use similar techniques in your organisation.

This masterclass is designed to give you a taste of how strategic foresight can help your organisation navigate current and future strategic, policy and business dilemmas and build resilience in a rapidly changing and evolving operating environment.

Hosts: Dr Claire Naughtin, CSIRO’s Data61 and Dr Stefan Hajkowicz, CSIRO’s Data61
Cost: $100


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