User experience design for new technologies

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Thursday 3rd October 10:15am – 12:15pm

Are you building a piece of technology that is new to the market? It’s one thing to design technology based on current user needs, but what about what your new users will need in the future? At Data61 we help our partners in government and enterprise create technology that not only meets market needs but also meets our moral, social and environmental values. For these new technologies to be adopted into society those who are building the technology and making it available to others have to understand people and their needs, including how those needs could change in a rapidly evolving future underpinned by data future. This is also known as human-centred design.

After 2 hours in this class, you will walk with an improved understanding of how to avoid building conventional solutions that won’t meet the needs of your future users.

Host: Martijn Mooij, Senior User Experience Designer, CSIRO’s Data61
Cost: $100


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