Dr Dana Kai Bradford

August 27th, 2019

Dana Kai Bradford

Dana’s Sessions:

Technoethics — Shaping our future through ethical tech design

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Senior Research Scientist | CSIRO 

Dr Dana Kai Bradford is a senior research scientist at CSIRO’s Australian eHealth Research Centre (AEHRC), leading the Neurodevelopment and Plasticity team. Her project work with CSIRO has predominantly centred on digital services for equitable healthcare. She has been involved in the development of phone based programs to manage chronic illness and mental health for Indigenous and other Australians, the use of technology to assist men in their prostate cancer journey, and tablet based apps to translate key assessment questions for non-English speaking hospital patients. She was involved in the first Australian pilot of the Smarter Safer Homes platform – a sensor based monitoring system designed to allow the elderly to live independently for longer. Dana is also involved in projects to facilitate the integration of genomic medicine into everyday care, technology for young adults on the autism spectrum and currently manages AEHRC’s cerebral palsy projects.

Dana is also an adjunct Senior Research Fellow with the Queensland Brain Institute where she contributes to research on the mechanisms through which adult vitamin D deficiency impacts the brain.