Dr Mahesh Prakash

August 26th, 2019

Mahesh’s Sessions:

Dealing with rapid urbanisation: how smart cities will transform urban life

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Senior Principal Research Scientist | CSIRO’s Data61

Dr Mahesh Prakash is a Senior Principal Research Scientist at CSIRO Data61 and leads a group of Scientists, Engineers and Software Professionals who develop and apply a diverse range of modelling and analytics techniques for urban environmental applications with a key focus on emergency and disaster management, resilience and climate adaptation. His scientific and technical interests are in urban flood modelling, bushfire modelling and analytics, remote sensing, video analytics and geospatial big data analytics. He is keen on grappling with the confluence between environmental research (including climate change and climate change related risk), human behaviour and technology. His vision is to use an integrated approach to resolve some of the intractable challenges associated with deploying these tools for real world applications.